May 1st, 2010


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Bugs in Fireworks CS5?!

I have long been a huge fan of the graphics program Adobe Fireworks, despite the lack of support it gets from its owner, and the bugs which plagued the last version. The new version has just been announced, so I just downloaded the trial of Fireworks CS5. I am considering purchasing it, despite the slightly ridiculous increase in price.

There are none of the new features I hoped for: especially custom brushes, or the ability to make tables, rather than lining up hundreds of text boxes, have not arrived. We have recieved a few tweaks here and there, but mostly we have been promised 900 bug fixes, stability improvements and better speed.

I can cope with that. Fireworks CS4 without the terrible text bugs will be fine thanks.

So I just started playing around, and decided to resize some text. I. Can. Not. BELIEVE that I just got the exact same bug that plagued CS4 – Ctrl+T resize of text, causing crazy distortions. Picture on the right.

This is on a brand new file, not imported from anywhere else, just a blank file, with two text boxes and Ctrl+T. Absolute fail.

Adobe, what the hell is going on?


Just to clarify to any Adobe tech people, this is on Fireworks CS5 installed on Windows XP, with 2gig ram (its having no trouble running it). The error is reproducible simply by creating a new file, creating a text box, and then resizing it using Free Transform (Ctrl+T), and dragging the corner arrow, which should be “scale with constrained proportions”.

Seriously, I absolutely demand a response to this. It just isn’t on! Us PC users still haven’t had the promised patch for CS4 yet, and now CS5 is causing the same problems! I have replicated the error in another file, visible below. You can also download the raw bug.PNG file here.

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    Paul Says:

    Hello Chris, this bug in CS6 sent me searching for answers, and I found your blog. Agreed, this bug is unforgiveable 3 versions later. I can confirm this fast method of scaling worked fine* in CS3. Now in Cs6 it’s buggy.

    *CS3 had a text box transform bug in that the point size is misreported in the properties inspector.

    Frustrating for sure!

    Keep up the pressure :-)

  2. 34
    Chris Says:

    And all these workarounds are fine, but they aren’t what is needed – bugfixes! I’ve bought CS6, will update you all on any improvements there!

  3. 33
    Sky Says:

    I’ve also been frustrated with resizing and antialiasing – searching for help with the latter is what brought me here. Not sure if I’m seeing the same thing(s) as Steve, but in my experience I can frequently see text blocks lose their antialiasing (Fireworks CS5 on a Windows 7 box). The property inspector still shows that it’s there, but the edges are rough, and stay that way even when exporting a flattened version of the image.

    My workaround: chop the text into smaller pieces. Have to use trial and error approach to find a minimum size that works; just now I had to go down to two words for a large title font, while other blocks of text in the same file with a smaller size could be as long as 20 or 30 words before the jaggies showed up.

  4. 32
    Chris Says:

    Thanks, will give that a go.

    How do you survive without the transform tool? What if you want to increase the size of 6 elements at once?

  5. 31
    John Dunning Says:

    Just came across this post. Weirdly, I’ve never seen that bug, as I never resize text with the transform tool. But it’s still in CS6, sadly.

    Anyway, about table creation: it’s not built-in, but you might find my Tables extension useful for mocking up tables in FW: It lays out the elements in the table automatically, making it easy to quickly change column and row padding and borders.

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