Introducing Joen

Baby Joen

This is Joen.

Full name: Joen James Lowry (or JJ).
Joen” is Hebrew, and means “a gift from God“. It is not pronounced “Joan”.

He was born at 3:56am on 30th January 2011. He weighs 8 pounds 12 ounces.

His hobbies include attempting to suckle on his father’s nipple hair, and screaming with heart breaking intensity for unknown reasons. We don’t know much else about him.

7 thoughts on “Introducing Joen

  1. Congratulation, he is beautiful. like the hobbies, but I think you need to teach him a trade… first one – sucking on Moms nipples not dads… and second one – which is more difficult – to sleep on command… enjoy him and all that comes with him. love Jackie and family

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