Guest post: May Roundup at SYWP

Wordpress LogoAs any of you who follow me on twitter will know, I have become a proud member of the South Yorkshire WordPress community.

One Tuesday night a month, my twitter feed becomes an irritating and alienating place for my followers, with endless repetitions of #sywp, alongside jabbering about SSL, Custom Post Types and the many amorous moods of @mkjones.

Since we are trying to publicise the community, we are hoping to make the official SYWP blog a little more lived in. As a result, I just wrote a roundup of this month’s meeting. There’s a snippet below:

This month was attended by the usual bunch of marauding geeks, with free coffee prepared and waitered by the servant hearted Kimb Jones. This nearly made up for the disappointment of Jag Gill failing to provide cake…

Anyway, there were three main talks this month (aside from the usual debates on the command line vs GUI, and on whether iPads are pointless). As ever, you can read back through the twitter stream for #sywp, and imagine you were there too.

First up was Paul Marshall, talking about his company’s experiences using Buddypress…

Read the rest at

Join us at the next SYWP at the GIST Hub on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. More information on the community group site

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